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Biographie Benefits of aluminum coils

Aluminum coils have excellent ductility, good electrical and thermal conductivity, and are ideal for use in the construction industry and electronics. Because of its versatility, the aluminum coil is the preferred processing option for many manufacturers. Its soft, non-magnetic, silver-white appearance offers endless possibilities when painted. Aluminum coils have excellent ductility, good electrical and thermal conductivity, and are ideal for use in the construction industry and electronics. Because of its versatility, the aluminum coil is the preferred processing option for many manufacturers. Its soft, non-magnetic, silver-white appearance offers endless possibilities when painted. Advantages of aluminum coil:

It is much cheaper than other metals such as copper.

With good electrical conductivity, the aluminum coil has been proved to be used as a conductor.

More flexible and easier to produce in large quantities

The most abundant metal in the earth’s crust

The advantages of Aluminum

Aluminum sheets have found their usefulness in different areas You can without much of a stretch see aluminum sheets being utilized on vehicles for its bodies and for framing. You can likewise observe aluminum sheets used for packaging in the food and beverage industry, and as parts of cookware and apparatuses.Aluminum plate, galvanized steel plate and stainless steel have similar uses. Compared with galvanized and stainless steel, aluminum plate has these advantages:

Low density (light): The density of aluminum and aluminum alloy is approximate 2.7g/cm3, which is about 1 / 3 of iron and copper.

Good corrosion resistance: Its surface has a close protective film, so its matrix can be effectively protected from external erosion.

Easy processing: It is convenient for processing. If some alloy elements are added in the processing, it can also get good casting properties.

High recycling value: Aluminum plate is light, but it has high tensile strength, good extensibility and high recycling value.

Good conductivity: It not only has good thermal conductivity, but also has excellent electrical conductivity, second only to gold, silver and copper.

Various surface treatments can be processed. At present, there are several types of aluminum surface treatment used in the market: Surface anodizing,Oxidation coloring,Surface electrophoresis,Electrostatic spraying,Roll coating is color coated aluminum plate.

Advantages of Aluminum Strips For Cable Wrapping

Aluminum strips for cable wrapping are usually of O state. They are made of 8011 or 1060 aluminum alloys. Their thickness ranges between 0.12mm and 3.0mm. While used for cable wrapping, aluminum strips have advantages of good tensile strength, ductility, flexibility, connecting property, load ability, corrosion resistance and matching degree with electric products. Aluminum strips for cable wrapping have good tensile strength and ductility. Generally speaking, 8011 has better performance than 1060, because it has been mixed with special elements. Its ductility reaches 30%, and its anti-creep property is 300% stronger than 1060. Both 1060 and 8011 aluminum strips boast better flexibility than copper strips. Their flexibility can be further improved by specialized process. In comparison with copper strips, they are less likely to rebound as well. With similar connecting property to copper, they have a higher matching degree with electric products, for most electric connector are made of aluminum alloys. Besides, aluminum cables display excellent loading ability, especially ability of self-loading. A piece of aluminum cable stretches as long as 4000 meters without falling down, while copper cable can only reach 2750 meters. This is a great advantage over cables of other materials in spacious buildings like indoor stadiums. What’s more, aluminum strips have been endowed with a natural advantage: perfect corrosion resistance. Once exposed to the air, the element of aluminum reacts with oxygen quickly, producing a thin solid oxide layer which withstands all kinds of corrosion. This corrosion resistance gets stronger when rare earth elements are added to aluminum alloys. In addition to advantages of properties, aluminum strips have two overwhelming strengths. As one of the most proper raw materials for cable wrapping, its price is the lowest. After decades of development, aluminum alloy manufacturers have mastered mature processing technology. Factories have formed into large scales around the world. These reduce production cost substantially. Further more, aluminum strips have lighter weight than other candidate materials, because their density is very small. Lighter materials are safer while being hung in the sky.

Unique Advantages Of Aluminum Mirror Sheet

With the improvement of aluminum processing technology, the quality of the produced aluminum mirror plate is more better. Aluminum mirror plate is widely used in lighting lamp reflectors and lamp decoration, cosmetic surface packaging, high-end gift boxes, mobile phones, computers, etc. The aluminum mirror plate is widely used. Are there any unique advantages to mirror aluminum?

Economic And Practical: Whether it is a low-end or high-end product, manufacturers will consider whether the material is economical and practical when selecting the production materials, especially the cost price of the material, which will be the first consideration of the manufacturer, because the cost of the material determines the cost of the product. The cost of the product determines the competitive strength of the product. In the commodity society, whoever has the price advantage has the market, so the economical and practical aluminum mirror has become the new darling of industrial production.

Appearance Processing Characteristics: Pure material, suitable for high requirements and stable anodized surface treatment, such as chemical polishing, atomization, chemical sanding, electropolishing, dyeing, sealing and other processing.

Mirror characteristics: This mirror surface is produced by mechanical polishing processing, and there is no electroplated coating on the surface. Above, without pretreatment, can be printed directly, stamping processing, high reflectance.

High performance: The unique properties of the aluminum mirror plate are very suitable for industrial production needs, such as uniform hardness, suitable for chaotic stamping, bending, stretching, shaping is not easy to break, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and other advantages are all required for industrial production. Therefore, these properties of the aluminum mirror plate have become its value advantage, coupled with its high cost performance, can help businesses improve product quality, but also help factory reduce production costs, of course, it will be sought after by industrial production.

Black aluminum coil advantages and application

A black aluminum coil is a kind of coated aluminium coil stocks processed by color coating or anodizing methods. A coated aluminium coil has PE or PVDF coating on the surface, obtained by sending mill finish aluminum coil stocks into painting rollers, and an anodized aluminum roll has a film layer. The thin layer of the oxide film has a large number of micro pores, which can absorb various lubricants and pigments, and can be colored into various beautiful and beautiful colors. Almost all grades of aluminum coil rolls can be made into black color coated aluminum coil. A black coated aluminium coil usually falls on two types: PE coated and PVDF coated coil, although sometimes PVC coil is demanded. The PE paint is cheaper and poorer in performances than PVDF, but it covers an equivalent wide scope of application, such as interior decoration, wall cladding, advertising, cookware, lamps, electronic products, home appliances and so on. Roofing proves to be an important part in application of of the coil, made of 3003 or 3004 aluminium alloy of H14 and H24. Black painted aluminum coil rolls, withstanding corrosion, oxidation, sunshine and extreme temperatures without deformation or color fading, winning increasing popularity as a wall cladding and electronic material, too. A black anodized aluminum coil roll is applied in machinery parts, aircraft and auto parts, precision instruments and radio equipment, architectural decoration, machine shells, lighting, electronic consumer goods, handicrafts, household appliances, interior decoration, signs, furniture, automotive decoration and other industries. In detail, black anodized aluminum coil suppliers take pride in their products for the following advantages. First, outstanding weather resistance. Anodized aluminium rolls rank top in resisting abilities against color fading, erosion, oxidation etc.. Second, strong metal sense. Different from a coated black aluminum coil roll, a black anodized alu coil has no paint on the surface but a natural metal gloss, just as no surface treatment has been made. Third, high surface hardness. The hard anodized film of the roll mixes perfectly with the aluminium metal itself and acts as a protective layer against scratches. Fourth, environmental friendly. No toxic gases will be generated even though an anodized aluminium coil is under high temperature, for it has obtains the black color by pure chemical methods rather than adding extra elements onto the coil surface. In general, black anodized aluminum coil rolls are higher in price than coated rolls. 
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