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Biographie Paper Candy Packaging [4 Benefits]

Achieve Sustainability with Paper Candy Packaging

When it comes to candy packaging, paper is a sweet choice. Not only is it beautiful and sustainable, but it also provides several benefits that other types of packaging cannot match. Here are just a few reasons why paper candy packaging is the best option for your tasty, bite-sized treats.

1. Environmentally Friendly

Paper packaging is made from renewable resources, so it has a smaller environmental impact than other types of packaging. When you partner with an FSC-certified paper manufacturer you further ensure your candy wrapping paper is sourced from certified mills and achieves the highest level of sustainability. Paper packaging is also recyclable, meaning it won’t end up in landfills after just one use.

2. Attractive

Candy products wrapped in paper packaging exhibit an attractive and elegant design. When placed on store shelves, they stand out amongst the competition due to their high-end look. Consider printing on a unique design or message using sustainable inks to make your candy paper packaging pop even more.

3. Preserves Freshness

One of the key benefits of candy paper packaging is to keep products fresh and safe. It also helps candy, such as chocolate, maintain its form and prevent sticky messes from forming due to temperature fluctuations.

4. Easy to Carry

Consumers love eating candy on the go, and the last thing they want is to carry a heavy piece of candy around in their pocket. Paper packaging is lightweight and durable, making it an ideal choice for candy products.


Aluminum foil wrapping is the ideal choice for storing food. Although many people prefer paper and plastic packaging options too, such options turn out to be flimsy or not competent enough to keep the food fresh and protected for a long time.

On the other hand, high-barrier properties of aluminum foil keep the smell and taste of the stored contents untarnished for a very long duration. As a result, aluminum foil sheets widely manufacture to cater to food packaging needs in homes, canteens, cafes, restaurants, and other eateries.

Due to the growing demand for frozen foods, aluminum foil pouches are making a big hit in the flexible packaging market, and a lot of brands are creating a new identity in the market as a result of this packaging revolution.

Why aluminum foil packaging is an ideal option for food packaging

1.Protect from Bacteria

A large number of bacteria are floating around every house. The aluminum foil acts as a protective film over the food and doesn’t let the virus or bacteria in your surroundings, contaminate the quality and taste of the food items.

2.Keep Food Fresh

Aluminum foil pouch not only keeps the stored food fresh but even keeps the odor of the contents locked inside. Aluminum pouches come with various closure options such as zippers, tear notch, and handle to make the packaging more convenient.

3.Withstand Temperature

Aluminum foil can withstand high temperatures, and if you need to reheat food items in the future, then this material provides easy heating due to its property being a good conductor of heat.

4.UV Shielding Layer

Aluminum foil is impervious to UV rays and moisture, two great agents that can wreak havoc on the freshness, texture, smell, and taste of the food contents. It creates a shielding layer around the food products and keeps the stored items fresh as ever.

5.Withstand Temperature

One of the most excellent parameters that make aluminum foil a favorite of end-users is the ability of the metallic foil to wrap around the food product easily. Thus, you can easily pack a large number of products conveniently in a matter of just a few seconds!

Above mentioned and many more properties of aluminum foil have resulted in the massive supply of aluminum foil pouches for both domestic and commercial usage. As a result, a large number of aluminum foil pouch manufacturers are engaging in the foray of making out-of-the-box and uniquely designed aluminum wrapping papers and pouches in various shapes and sizes.

Benefits And Erasing Techniques of Temporary Tattoo Sticker

Painting tattoo on the skin is one of the commonest way of decorating the skin but it can be so painful, costly and time exhausting.

Religion, interest or culture have been a source of motivation to so many people for centuries and it has added so many fashionable descriptions to the skin.

Tattoo stickers are of two types; Permanent and temporary. For most people, permanent tattoo are not their best options. So as to substitute for permanent tattoos, temporary tattoo was initiated.

Temporary tattoos are mostly made of unique form of stickers and can be applied to the skin for a short period of time.Form a tattoo image on a paper with the help of an assigned film process known as screen printing.

To apply the tattoo sticker, wet the paper and place the photo directly on the skin from the surrounding layer.However, for you to get your desired body art, kindly do well to get a tattoo sticker from a professional tattoo stickers supplier.

The quality Requirements and processes used in the production of Temporary Tattoo stickers.Temporary tattoo sticker is a type of water sticker that can only be utilized following being immersed in water.

The concept of indirect printing is to make use of water as a transporter to distinct the sample from the underlying layer and convey it back to the underlying layer.

The temporary tattoo stickers can be made on different objects. However, among these different objects, paper is normally chosen since paper is the most appropriate type for processing likewise for printing.

Temporary tattoos can be attached to the surface of the skin. But in order to do that, the ink used for temporary tattoos have to meet up with the FDA prerequisite.

Benefits of temporary tattoo stickers

-Variety of designs

Temporary tattoo stickers designs possess different characters, flower, animals, cartoons and various other components, clients can select a wide variety of designs.


Temporary tattoos are safer compare to others. Traditional tattoos are dangerous to the skin and can activate numerous skin diseases.

On the other hand, temporary tattoos construct design on the skin coat instead of penetrating directly into the skin, that is so suitable for so many individuals.

-Less expensive

The most valuable feature is that the temporary tattoo stickers are reasonably priced stickers.

Ways by which tattoos stickers can be used.

The first thing to do is to wash and dry up the surface on the skin.Then, gently clean the surface where you want to attach the temporary tattoo sticker with the use of water and soap and lastly use a paper towel to dry it up.

Secondly, peel off the well-defined backing, leaving aside the ink, the area secured by the well-defined plastic known as the front sideways and place the front sideways towards where you have just cleaned up and set aside.

Thirdly, grab a sponge or a piece of cloth and apply it on the back side of the tattoo.Guard it in a position where it will not slip-over and this method need to be in place for about 80 seconds.Then lastly, carefully peel off the paper by lifting the edges of the back side of the tattoo paper in other to see the tattoo clearly.

But when the tattoo is not correctly placed, repeat step three and stay for additional one minute. Then after that, if it appears nice, carry on the peeling process gradually.

How to erase temporary tattoo stickers

Eliminating or erasing temporary tattoo stickers is very easy.

Below are the steps to follow when removing or eliminating temporary tattoo stickers from the skin:

-Apply a little quantity of alcohol to the surface area of the tattoo that wants to be eliminated and stay for 10 seconds.

-The second step is to clean the surface with toothpaste and leave it for a long time.

-Then apply a cotton pad that contains a cold cream or BB oil to clean it.

What Is Stretch Film/Stretch Wrap?

Stretch Film or Stretch Wrap is an underrated tool that we use every day. It is a plastic film that is exceptionally stretchable and is used to wrap around items. It is used to protect many everyday goods, from food to paint containers. This highly stretchable plastic film is made from Linear low-density polyethylene. Its property of elastic recovery keeps the items tightly bound. It comes in a variety of widths and thicknesses that are suitable for a variety of uses. It is used to wrap products and secure them in place. It tends to help in reducing product loss, discouraging load tampering, and even reducing worker injuries.


There are two primary methods of applying Stretch Film to a load, by hand and by machine. Hand Stretch Film rolls are lighter and shorter in comparison. They are more comfortable for users to manage. Machine Stretch Film, on the other hand, is used by machines, as the name suggests.

Hand Wrap Stretch Film – Requires an operator to apply and remove it from the load while unloading. The tension with which it is applied is dependent on the operator. It’s typically used for low-volume applications.

Machine Wrap Stretch Film – It is used and a Stretch Film Machine that applies the film to a load using the machine’s operator parameters. The parameters ensure that the packaging is wrapped in the same way every time.


Cost Compelling – Stretch Film and the equipment required to use it are way cheaper than its alternatives. It is essential as this factor can save many stocks.

Provides Superior Protection – They keep the products free of moisture, dust, and dirt. It reduces shipping damages and keeps it minimal. It also reduces the possibility of theft and pilferage.

Efficient – This method allows for items to be easily scanned through optics. It is easy to wrap, and hence, it increases the efficiency and productivity of workers.

Recyclable – This is relatively green as it can be recycled in most cases.


Stretch Films can be used in a variety of places. Examples are: food packaging film,unitise reels, wrap canned beverages, rocks, electronics, bind wood, and bundle picture frames from palletising tires and boxes to wrapping buckets of paint and other liquids. In essence, this product is convenient and has many benefits. It is very versatile and can be used in a variety of ways. It is a severely underrated product that helps a lot of businesses every day.

Why is chocolate wrapped in aluminum foil?

Chocalate Wrapping Paper was very well-received and adopted by the chocolate companies around the world and the wrapping industry has lasted for centuries as a result. One of main reasons of the growth of this industry was the manufacturers willing to preserve the quality of their products and their original flavors. That’s why you will find some countries like Chine, UK, and India manufacturing and exporting very huge amounts of foil wrappers every year. Since profit is the main goal of this industry, all chocolate companies prefer having cheap materials over any other alternative wrapping materials no matter how effective and preserving it might be.Being affordable made Aluminum foil the most common wrappers among the chocolate market leaders.

Foils have several types; some of them have only one layer, while others have multi-layer design and because it is usually very thin, it made it easier to fold accurately and cover any shape perfectly. Aluminum foils preserve chocolate for a long time, when not exposed to heat, humidity, or light.Its bright attractive color is another advantage that helps to draw customers’ attention.

Another advantage is that foils are easy to fold, which helps the customer save what’s left of a chocolate bar for later. The bright color of the wrapper gives a feeling that it’s very clean and well preserved. The tightness of the wrapper gives more protection, doesn’t allow bacterial spread and makes the chocolate bar safer for consumption. The light weight of the foil adds no noticeable change to the original product, which means that the price and the sales calculations will not be affected. 
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